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Pet Parrot Information and Bird Names
Hi, my name is Gypsy. What's yours?

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There are a million different, very unique, names out there for pet birds. Here's your chance to list your bird's name and view the multitude of other names sent in by other bird lovers like you. It's an excellent reference guide to use for your next bird addition. (You may not be planning on it, but just in case.)
Updates to list will appear periodically so come visit as often as you wish.
To submit your pet bird's name send via E-Mail to:

email your bird names to bird bytes!

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Chantilly Pepe Lester Pete Baby

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Sunny Bluebird Vergil Paco Floyd
Skye Pilot Tweety Pita Yingwu
Maeta Poncho Taz General Lee Sparky
Pumpkin Ozzie Expo Thelma & Louise Buffy
Lemon Sony Roxy Buffett Joey
Maxi Dusty Sammy Gumby Hershey
Cisco Paddy Rosina Blueberry Croix
Fidelio Porgy & Bess Carmen Moondust Q and V
Romeo & Juliet Buster Sunshine Megabyte Scooter
Moonshine Sugar Sweetie Packer Tazzy
Wacky Petey Juan Studebaker/Studie Tiger
Tweets Keiko Cody Snickers MacDaddy
Littlefoot Okie Rex Monster Chipper
Minnie Pearl Bart Ricki Kiwi
Silly Sunny Reba Patience Celestino ( or Tino)
Wisper Buddy Angel Yogi & BooBoo Brooklyn J. Front Wolvek
a.k.a. JJ
Zelda Tookie Harley Lady & Buster Malcolm
Louie Zoey Jonah Bonzai Jax
Henry & George Nikon Fuji Canon Stash
Kodak Ricky & Lucy Princie Mokie & Kika Coco - a.k.a.
Green Tyrant
Penny Molly Thea Kelvin Charlie
Pirate Peaches Candy Ozzy Ti-Pou
Wyatt Chicharo Bandit Happy Obayo & Obiyo
Oscar & Munro Wilaric Moonbeam Cheyenne & Dakota Rhapsody & Sonata
Tango Sweet Pea Puppy Goose Maxfli & Hogan
Harry Sophie Rosa Robbie Mercedes & Benz
Bali Pete Casper Tweety Elvis & Priscilla
Petrie Billy Aruba Chipper Sweet Pea
Nibbles Sparky Eli Tucker Chip & Dale
Mickey Chirpee Randy Junior Suger & Spice
Bopper Dusty Rockie Sunshine Blueberry
Sprite Belle Petri Greycee Hal & Dol
Pepper Coconut Banana Jill & Time Spaz & Val
Mr. Bird Oliver Wendy Jezebel Ethel & Fred
Jammal Cooper Paul Honey Robinson Kruso
aka: Kruz or Kruso
Bronco Bird Krazy Knoodles Kiki McGyver Hump & Rump
Samantha Whiskey Kio Rosie Earlybird
Cookie Chirpy Timmy Vanilla Baby Pepper
Whitney Sweetie Blue Sally Sunshine
April Marcey Sheba Madi Martini & Rossi
Buford Micky Chip Pogo & Oscar Inigo & Vizzini
BiBi Pike Sam Bongo Bird Goldie Girl
Pretty Girl Guido Elvis Bernie Arena
a.k.a. Birdini
Sweet Sarah
Corky Luckey Tasha Magic Sydney
Beaker Clancey Kelly Ceasar Seymore
Banjo Apollo Martin Merlyn Henery
Kitty & Kat Kiwi Willy Toots Rella (a.k.a.)
Rosalita Rosario Barney Bernadette Handsome &
Jaybird Eustic Sully Tango Siu Pak
(in chinese means
"Snow White"
Tootsie Friscoe Kudzu Careson Matti
(short for Matilda)
Gracie Cloe Kauai Willow Rosemarry & Thyme
Mollymabel Sydney Zeus Rocket &
Makana Akua
Katie Digit Sasha Joe Maverick Han & Leia
Hunter Newton Pip Sydney Peri
(short for Peridot)
Topaz Blondie Zorro Calypso Nike & Reebok
Micah Zeke Fang Peach Skylar
Piper Tucker Mango Jessie Chippie
Teke Squidly Mo Brokerick Elvis
R.C. Baby Doll Joe Fred Sweetie Pie
Buddy Casper Peepers PJ Ullyssess
Clare Yoda Tia Jazz & Lemon HoJo & Jenny
Monet Van Gough Piglet Frankie Picasso
Truffles Moesby Blue Teale Andre & Toni
Peabody Pav Raider Featherstone Glimfeather
Prizzle Wiggles Pokey Zebadiah Billie & Babe
Rock-it Squirt Speedy Scooter Conway Tweety
Peanut Kokomo Largo Gabriel Quaker "Oats"
Huey Chaz Giggs Kipper Samantha "T" Bird
Toby & Tara Scooby Rugby Cujo & Chance Hambone & Edie
Cricket Cuddles Rio Ghost Bluebird of Happiness
Bijou Chekai Shiloh Malibu Robert the Bruce
Touche Yoshi Kudo Tigger Zollaster Master of Disaster
Spike Harley Alphie Greystoke Pandora
Piccolo Rajah Gizmo Shanquia Kadeshiah
Mojo Sparx Xander Scully  
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