This list contains the most common abbreviations used in the OED. Click on a letter to see the abbreviations beginning with that letter.
Most of the words listed are only abbreviated in certain contexts, esp. when used as a subject label or in a work title.
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a (in dates) ante
abbrev. abbreviation (of)
Abbrev. abbreviation(s)
Abd. Aberdeen
Aberd. Aberdeen
Aberdeensh. Aberdeenshire
abl. ablative
Abol. abolition
Aborig. aboriginal
Abp. archbishop
Abr. abridged
Abridg. abridged
Abridgem. abridgement
absol. absolute(ly)
Absol. absolute
Abst. abstract(s)
abstr. abstract
Abstr. abstract(s)
Acad. academia, academy, academic(al)
acc. according (to)
acc. accusative
Acc. account(s)
Accept. acceptance
Accomm. accommodation
Accompl. accomplished
Accs. accounts
Acct. account
Accts. accounts
accus. accusative
Achievem. achievement
A.D. Anno Domini
ad. adaptation of
Add. addendum, addenda
Addit. addition(s)
Addr. address
adj. adjective, adjectival
adj. phr. adjectival phrase
adjs. adjectives
Adm. admiral
Adm. admiralty
Admin. administration, administrative
Admir. admiralty
Admon. admonition
Admonit. admonition
adv. adverb, adverbial(ly)
Adv. advanced
Adv. advances
Adv. adventure(s)
Adv. advices
Adv. advocate
Advancem. advancement(s)
advb. adverb, adverbial(ly)
Advert. advertisement
Advoc. advocate
advs. adverbs
Advt. advertisement
Advts. advertisements
Aerodynam. aerodynamics
Aeronaut. aeronautics, aeronautical
Aff. affairs
Affect. affecting
Affect. affection(s)
Afr. Africa(n)
Agric. agriculture, agricultural
agst. against
Alch. alchemy
Alg. algebra
Alleg. allegiance
Allit. alliterative
Alm. almanac
Alph. alphabet, alphabetical
alt. alteration
Amer. America, American
Anal. analysis
Analyt. analytic(al)
Anat. anatomy, anatomical
Anc. ancient
Anecd. anecdotes
Ang. Anglian
Angl. Anglian
Anglo-Ind. Anglo-Indian
Anim. animal(s)
Ann. annal(s)
Ann. annual
Anniv. anniversary
Annot. annotation
Anon. (in author names) Anonymous
Answ. answer
Ant. antiquities
Anthrop. anthropology
Anthropol. anthropology, anthropological
Antiq. antiquity, antiquities
aphet. aphetic, aphetized
Apoc. apocalyptic(al)
Apol. apology, apologies
app. apparently
App. appendix
Appl. applied
Applic. application(s)
appos. appositive(ly)
Apr. April
Arab. Arabic
Arb. (in author names) Arber
arch. archaic
Arch. architecture
Arch. archive(s)
Archaeol. archaeology, archaeological
Archipel. archipelago
Archit. architecture, architectural
Argt. argument
Arith. arithmetic
Arithm. arithmetic, arithmetical
Arrangem. arrangement
art. article
Artic. articulation
Artific. artificial
Artill. artillery
Ashm. (in author names) Ashmole
Assemb. assembly, assemblies
Assoc. association
Assoc. Football Association Football
Assyriol. Assyriology
Astr. astronomy
Astrol. astrology
Astron. astronomy, astronomic(al)
Astronaut. astronautics, astronautical
Att. Attic
attrib. attributive(ly)
Attrib. attribute(s)
Aug. August
Austral. Australia(n)
Auth. author(s)
Autobiog. autobiography
Autobiogr. autobiography, autobiographic(al)
A.V. Authorized Version
Ayrsh. Ayrshire

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Bacteriol. bacteriology, bacteriologic(al)
B.C. Before Christ
B.C. British Columbia
Bedford. Bedfordshire
Bedfordsh. Bedfordshire
bef. before
Bel & Dr. (in the Apocrypha) Bel and the Dragon
Belg. Belgian
Berks. Berkshire
Berksh. Berkshire
Berw. Berwickshire
Berwicksh. Berwickshire
betw. between
Bibliogr. bibliography
Biochem. biochemistry, biochemical
Biog. biography
Biogr. biography, biographic(al)
Biol. biology, biological
Bk. book
Bks. books
BNC British National Corpus
Bord. border
Bot. botany, botanic(al)
Bp. Bishop
Braz. Brazilian
Brit. Britain, British
Bucks. Buckinghamshire
Build. building
Bull. bulletin
Bur. bureau
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c. century
C. county, counties
c (in dates) circa
Cal. calendar
Calc. calculus
Calend. calendar
Calif. California
Calligr. calligraphy
Camb. Cambridge
Cambr. Cambridge
Campanol. campanology
Canad. Canadian
Canterb. Canterbury
Capt. captain
Cartogr. cartography, cartographic(al)
Catal. catalogue
Catech. catechism
Cath. Catholic
cent. century
Cent. central
Cent. century
Ceram. ceramics
Cert. certificate
Certif. certificate
cf. confer, ‘compare’
Ch. Church
Chamb. chamber
Char. character
Charac. character
Chas. Charles
Chem. Engin. chemical engineering
Chem. chemistry, chemical
Chesh. Cheshire
Ch. Hist. Church history
Chr. Christian
Chr. (in the Bible) Chronicles
Chron. chronology, chronicle
Chron. (in the Bible) Chronicles
Chronol. chronology
Chrons. chronicles
Cinematogr. cinematography, cinematographic(al)
Circ. circle
Civ. Law civil law
Civil Engin. civil engineering
cl. clause
Cl. club
Class. Antiq. classical antiquities
Class. classical
Classif. classification
Climatol. climatology
Clin. clinical
cogn. w. cognate with
Col. colonel
Col. (in the Bible) Colossians
Coll. collected, collection
Coll. college
collect. collective(ly)
Collect. collection
colloq. colloquial(ly)
Colloq. colloquies
Coloss. (in the Bible) Colossians
Com. common
Com. commission
Comb. combination(s)
comb. form combining form
Combs. combinations
Comm. commerce, in commercial usage
Comm. common
Comm. commentary
Comm. commission
Comm. committee
Commandm. commandment
Commend. commendation
Commerc. commercial
Commiss. commission
Comm. Law commercial law
Commonw. commonwealth
Communic. communication(s)
comp. comparative
comp. compound, composition
Comp. companion
Comp. company
Compan. companion(s)
Comp. Anat. comparative anatomy
compar. comparative
Compar. comparative
Compend. compendium, compendious
compl. complement
Compl. complete
Compos. composition
conc. concerning
Conc. concise
Conch. conchology
Concl. conclusion
concr. concrete(ly)
Conf. conference
Conf. confession
Confid. confidential
Confl. conflict
Confut. confutation
Congr. congress
Congreg. congregation
Congress. congressional
conj. conjugation
conj. conjunction
Conn. Connecticut
cons. consonant
Consc. conscience
Consecr. consecrated, consecration
Consid. consideration(s)
Consol. consolation
const. construction, construed with
Constit. Hist. constitutional history
Constit. constitution(al)
Constr. construction
Contemp. contemporary
Contempl. contemplation
contempt. contemptuous(ly)
Contend. contending(s)
Content. contention
Contin. continuation
contr. contracted, contraction
contr. contrasted (with)
Contradict. contradiction
Contrib. contribution
Controv. controversial
Controv. controversy
Conv. convention
Convent. convention
Conversat. conversation
Convoc. convocation
Cor. (in the Bible) Corinthians
Cornw. Cornwall
Coron. coronation
Corr. correspondence
corresp. corresponding (to)
Corresp. correspondence
Counc. council
Courtsh. courtship
cpd. compound
Craniol. craniology
Craniom. craniometry
Crim. criminal
Crim. Law criminal law
Crit. critical
Crit. criticism
Crt. court
Crts. courts
Cryptogr. cryptography
Crystallogr. crystallography
Ct. count
Ct. court
Cumb. Cumberland
Cumberld. Cumberland
Cumbld. Cumberland
Cycl. cyclopaedia
Cytol. cytology, cytological
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Dan. (in the Bible) Daniel
dat. dative
Dau. daughter
D.C. District of Columbia
Deb. debate
Dec. December
Declar. declaration
Ded. dedicated
Ded. dedication
def. definite
def. definition
Def. defence
Deliv. deliverance
dem. demonstrative
Demonstr. demonstration
Dep. department
Dep. deputy
Depred. depredation
Depredat. depredation
Dept. department
Derbysh. Derbyshire
deriv. derivative (in etymologies)
derog. derogatory
Descr. description, descriptive
Deut. (in the Bible) Deuteronomy
Devel. development
Devonsh. Devonshire
dial. dialect
Dial. dialect
Dict. dictionary
Diffic. difficult, difficulty
dim. diminutive
Direct. direction
Dis. disease(s)
Disc. discourse
Discipl. discipline
Discov. discovery
Discrim. discrimination
Discuss. discussion
Diss. dissertation
Dist. district
Distemp. distemper
Distill. distilling
Distrib. distribution
Div. divinity
Div. division
Divers. diversity
Dk. Duke
Doc. document(s)
Doctr. doctrine
Domest. domestic
Durh. Durham
dyslog. dyslogistic
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e. east
E. east, eastern
E. Afr. East Africa(n)
E. Angl. East Anglia(n)
E. Anglian East Anglian
East Ind. East Indies, East Indian
east. eastern (dialect)
Eccl. ecclesiastical
Eccl. (in the Bible) Ecclesiastes
Eccles. ecclesiastical
Eccles. (in the Bible) Ecclesiastes
Eccl. Hist. ecclesiastical history
Eccl. Law ecclesiastical law
Ecclus. (in the Apocrypha) Ecclesiasticus
Ecol. ecology, ecological
Econ. economics, economic(al)
ed. edition
Ed. edition
Ed. Edward
E.D.D. English Dialect Dictionary
Edin. Edinburgh
Edinb. Edinburgh
Educ. education, education(al)
Edw. Edward
E.E.T.S. Early English Text Society
Egypt. Egyptian
Egyptol. Egyptology
E. Ind. East Indies, East Indian
Electr. electricity, electric(al)
Electr. Engin. electrical engineering
Electro-magn. electro-magnetism
Electro-physiol. electro-physiology
Elem. element(s), elementary
Eliz. Elizabeth
Elizab. Elizabethan
ellipt. elliptical(ly)
Emb. embassy
Embryol. embryology, embryologic(al)
e. midl. east midland (dialect)
emph. emphatic(ally)
Encycl. encyclopaedia, encyclopaedic
Encycl. Brit. Encyclopaedia Britannica
Encycl. Metrop. Encyclopaedia Metropolitana
Eng. England, English
Engin. engineering
Englishw. Englishwomen
Enq. enquiry
Ent. entomology, entomological
Enthus. enthusiasm
Entom. entomology, entomological
Entomol. entomology, entomological
Enzymol. enzymology
eOE (in dates) early Old English
Ep. epistle
Eph. (in the Bible) Ephesians
Ephes. (in the Bible) Ephesians
Epil. epilogue
Episc. episcopacy
Epist. epistle
Epit. epitaph
Equip. equipment
erron. erroneous(ly)
Esd. (in the Apocrypha) Esdras
esp. especially
Ess. essay(s)
Essent. essential
Establ. establishment
Esth. (in the Bible) Esther
Ethnol. ethnology
etym. etymology
etymol. etymological(ly)
Etymol. etymology, etymological
euphem. euphemistic(ally)
Eval. evaluation
Evang. evangelical
Even. evening
Evid. evidence
Evol. evolution, evolutionary
Ex. doc. executive document
Exalt. exaltation
Exam. examination
exc. except
Exch. exchange
Exch. exchequer
Exec. execution
Exec. executive
Exerc. exercise(s)
Exhib. exhibition, exhibit(s)
Exod. (in the Bible) Exodus
Exped. expedition
Exper. experiment, experimental
Explan. explanation
Explic. explication
Explor. exploration
Expos. exposition, expository
Ezek. (in the Bible) Ezekiel
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f. feminine
f. folio
Fab. fable(s)
fam. familiar(ly)
Fam. family
famil. familiar(ly)
Farew. farewell
Feb. February
fem. feminine
Ff. folios
Fifesh. Fifeshire
fig. figurative(ly)
fl. floruit, ‘flourished’
Footpr. footprint
Forfarsh. Forfarshire
Fortif. fortification
Fortn. fortnightly
Found. foundation(s)
Fr. father
Fr. French
Fr. from
Fragm. fragment(s)
Fratern. fraternity
freq. frequently
Friendsh. friendship
Fund. fundamental(s)
Furnit. furniture
fut. future
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Gal. (in the Bible) Galatians
Gard. garden, gardening
Gastron. gastronomy
Gaz. gazette
Gd. good
gen. general(ly)
gen. genitive
Gen. general
Gen. (in the Bible) Genesis
Geo. George
Geog. geography
Geogr. geography, geographic(al)
Geol. geology, geologic(al)
Geom. geometry, geometric(al)
Geomorphol. geomorphology
Ger. German
gerund. gerundial
Glac. glacier(s)
Glasg. Glasgow
Glos. Gloucestershire
Gloss. glossary
Glouc. Gloucestershire
Gloucestersh. Gloucestershire
Gosp. gospel(s)
Gov. government
Govt. government
Gr. grammar
Gram. grammar
Gramm. Analysis grammatical analysis
Gt. great
Gynaecol. gynaecology
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Hab. (in the Bible) Habakkuk
Haematol. haematology
Hag. (in the Bible) Haggai
Hampsh. Hampshire
Handbk. handbook
Hants. Hampshire
Heb. Hebrew
Heb. (in the Bible) Hebrews
Hebr. (in the Bible) Hebrews
Hen. Henry
Her. heraldry
Herb. herbalism
Heref. Herefordshire
Hereford. Herefordshire
Herefordsh. Herefordshire
Hertfordsh. Hertfordshire
Hierogl. Hieroglyphic
hist. historical
Hist. history, historic(al)
Histol. histology, histologic(al)
Hom. homilies
Horol. horology
Hort. horticulture, horticultural
Hos. (in the Bible) Hosea
Hosp. hospital
Househ. household
Housek. housekeeping
Husb. husbandry
Hydraul. hydraulic
Hydrol. hydrology, hydrological
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Ichth. ichthyology
Icthyol. icthyology
Ideol. ideology, ideological
Idol. idolatry
Illustr. illustrated, illustration(s)
Imag. imaginary, imagination
imit. imitative
Immunol. immunology
imp. imperative
imperf. imperfect
impers. impersonal
impf. imperfect
Impr. impression(s)
Impr. imprint
Impr. improved
improp. improper(ly)
Inaug. inaugural
Inclos. inclosure
Ind. India(n)
ind. indicative
ind. indirect
Ind. industry
indef. indefinite
indic. indicative
indir. indirect
Industr. industrial
Industr. Rel. industrial relations
infin. infinitive
infl. influenced
Infl. influence
Innoc. innocence, innocent
Inorg. inorganic
Inq. inquiry
Inst. institute, institution
instr. instrumental
Instr. instruction
int. interjection
Intell. intelligence, intelligent
Intellect. intellectual
Interc. intercourse
interj. interjection
Interl. interlude
Internat. international
Interpr. interpretation
interrog. interrogative
intr. intransitive
intrans. intransitive
Intro. introduction
Introd. introduction, introductory
Inv. inventory, inventories
Invent. invention(s)
Invent. inventory, inventories
Invertebr. invertebrate, invertebrated
Invert. Zool. invertebrate zoology
Investig. investigation
Investm. investment
Invoc. incovation
Ir. Irish
Irel. Ireland
iron. ironically
irreg. irregular(ly)
Isa. (in the Bible) Isaiah
Ital. Italian
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Jahrb. Jahrbuch
Jam. (in the Bible) James
Jam. (in author names) Jamieson
Jan. January
Jap. Japanese
Jas. James
Jas. (in the Bible) James
Jer. (in the Bible) Jeremiah
joc. jocular(ly)
Josh. (in the Bible) Joshua
Jrnl. journal
Jrnls. journals
Jud. (in the Bible) Judges
Judg. (in the Bible) Judges
Jul. July
Jun. June
Jun. junior
Jurisd. jurisdiction
Jurisdict. jurisdiction
Jurispr. jurisprudence
Justif. justification
Justific. justification
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K. king
Kent. Kentish
Kgs. (in the Bible) Kings
King’s Bench Div. King’s Bench Division
Kingd. kingdom
Knowl. knowledge
Kpr. keeper
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l. line
Lab. laboratory
Lam. (in the Bible) Lamentations
Lament lamentation
Lament. (in the Bible) Lamentations
Lanc. Lancashire
Lancash. Lancashire
Lancs. Lancashire
Lang. language
Langs. languages
Lat. Latin
Ld. Lord
Lds. Lords
Lect. lecture(s)
Leechd. leechdom
Leg. legend(s)
Leicest. Leicestershire
Leicester. Leicestershire
Leicestersh. Leicestershire
Leics. Leicestershire
Let. letter
Lett. letters
Lev. (in the Bible) Leviticus
Lex. lexicon
Libr. library
Limnol. limnology
Lincolnsh. Lincolnshire
Lincs. Lincolnshire
Ling. linguistic(s)
Linn. Linnean
lit. literal(ly)
Lit. literary, literature
Lithogr. lithography
Lithol. lithology
Liturg. liturgy
ll. lines
lOE (in dates) late Old English
Lond. London
LXX Septuagint
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m. masculine
Macc. (in the Apocrypha) Maccabees
Mach. machinery, machine(s)
Mag. magazine
Magn. magnetism, magnetic
Mal. (in the Bible) Malachi
Man. manual
Managem. management
Manch. Manchester
Manip. manipulation
Manuf. manufacturing, manufacture(s)
Mar. March
masc. masculine
Mass. Massachussets
Math. mathematics, mathematical
Matt. (in the Bible) Matthew
Meas. measure
Measurem. measurement
Mech. mechanics, mechanical
med. medieval
Med. medicine, medical
Medit. meditation
Mem. memoir(s)
Merc. mercury
Merch. merchant(s)
Metall. metallurgy
Metallif. metalliferous
Metallogr. metallography, metallographic(al)
Metallogr. metallography
Metamorph. metamorphosis
Metaph. metaphysics
metaphor. metaphorical(ly)
Meteorol. meteorology, meteorologic(al)
Meth. method(s)
metr. gr. metri gratia
Metrop. metropolitan, metropolis
Mex. Mexican
Mic. (in the Bible) Micah
Mich. Michigan
Microbiol. microbiology
Microsc. microscopic(al)
midl. midland(s) (dialect)
Mil. military
Milit. military
Min. mineralogy
Mineral. mineralogy, minaralogic(al)
Misc. miscellaneous, miscellany
Miscell. miscellany
mispr. misprinted
mod. modern
Mod. modern
Monum. monument
Morphol. morphology
MS. manuscript
MSS. manuscripts
Mt. mount(ain)
Mtg. meeting
Mts. mountains
Munic. municipal
Munif. munificence
Munim. muniment
Mus. music, musical
Mus. museum
Myst. mystery
Myth. mythology
Mythol. mythology
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n. neuter
n. north
n. noun
N. north, northern
N. Afr. North Africa(n)
Nah. (in the Bible) Nahum
N. Amer. North America(n)
Narr. narrative
Narrat. narrative
Nat. natural
Nat. Hist. natural history
Nat. Philos. natural philosophy
Nat. Sci. natural science
Naut. nautical
Nav. naval
Nav. navigation
Navig. navigation
N. Carolina North Carolina
N. Dakota North Dakota
n.e. north-eastern (dialect)
N.E. north-east, north-eastern
N.E.D. New English Dictionary
Neh. (in the Bible) Nehemiah
Neighb. neighbour(s), neighbourhood
Nerv. nervous
Neurol. neurology, neurologic(al)
Neurosurg. neurosurgery
New Hampsh. New Hampshire
Newc. Newcastle
Newspr. newsprint
N. Ir. Northern Irish
N. Irel. Northern Ireland
No. number
nom. nominative
Non-conf. nonconformist(s)
nonce-wd. nonce-word
Nonconf. nonconformist(s)
Norf. Norfolk
north. northern (dialect)
Northamptonsh. Northamptonshire
Northants. Northamptonshire
Northumb. Northumberland, Northumbrian
Northumbld. Northumberland
Northumbr. Northumbrian
Norw. Norwegian
Norweg. Norwegian
Notts. Nottinghamshire
Nov. November
ns. nouns
N.S. Wales New South Wales
N.S.W. New South Wales
N.T. New Testament
Nucl. nuclear
Num. (in the Bible) Numbers
Numism. numismatics
n.w. north-western (dialect)
N.W. north-west, north-western
N.Y. New York
N.Z. New Zealand
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Obad. (in the Bible) Obadiah
Obed. obedience
obj. object, objective
Obj. object(s)
obl. oblique
obs. obsolete
Obs. obsolete
Observ. observation(s)
Obstet. obstetric(s)
Obstetr. obstetric(s)
Obstetr. Med. obstetric medicine
occas. occasionally
Occas. occasional
Occup. occupation(al)
Occurr. occurrence
Oceanogr. oceanography, oceanographic(al)
Oct. October
OE (in dates) Old English
O.E.D. Oxford English Dictionary
Off. official, office
Offic. official
Okla. Oklahoma
Ont. Ontario
Ophthalm. ophthalmology
Ophthalmol. ophthalmology, ophtalmologic(al)
opp. opposed (to), the opposite (of)
Oppress. oppression
Opt. optics
Orac. oracle(s)
Ord. order(s)
Ord. ordinance(s)
Org. organic
Organ. Chem. organic chemistry
Org. Chem. organic chemistry
orig. origin(al)(ly)
Orig. original
Orkn. Orkney
Ornith. ornithology
Ornithol. ornithology, ornithologic(al)
Orthogr. orthography
O.T. Old Testament
Outl. outline
Oxf. Oxford
Oxfordsh. Oxfordshire
Oxon. Oxfordshire
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p. page
pa. past
Pa. Pennsylvania
Palaeobot. palaeobotany
Palaeogr. palaeography
Palaeont. palaeontology
Palaeontol. palaeontology, palaeontologic(al)
pa. pple. passive participle, past participle
Paraphr. paraphrase, paraphrased
Parasitol. parasitology
Parl. parliament, parliamentary
Parnass. Parnassus
pass. passive(ly)
pa. t. past tense
Path. pathology, pathologic(al)
Pathol. pathology, pathologic(al)
Peculat. peculation(s)
Penins. peninsula
perf. perfect
Perf. perfect, perfection
perh. perhaps
Periodontol. periodontology, periodontologic(al)
pers. person(al)
Pers. Persian
Pers. personal
Persec. persecution(s)
personif. personified
Perthsh. Perthshire
Pet. (in the Bible) Peter
Petrogr. petrography, petrographic(al)
Petrol. petrology, petrologic(al)
pf. perfect
Pharm. pharmacology
Pharmaceut. pharmaceutical
Pharmacol. pharmacology, pharmacological
Phil. philosophy, philosophic(al)
Phil. (in the Bible) Philippians
Philad. Philadelphia
Philem. (in the Bible) Philemon
Philipp. (in the Bible) Philippians
Philol. philology, philologic(al)
Philos. philosophy, philosophic(al)
Phoen. Phoenician
phonet. phonetic(ally)
Phonol. phonology
Photog. photography
Photogr. photography, photographic(al)
phr. phrase
Phrenol. phrenology
Phys. physiology
Physical Chem. physical chemistry
Physical Geogr. physical geography
Physiogr. physiography
Physiol. physiology, physiologic(al)
Pict. pictorial
Pict. picture(s)
pl. plural
plur. plural
poet. poetic(al)
Poet. poetical
Pol. politics, political
Pol. Econ. political economy
Polit. politics, political
Polytechn. polytechnic(al)
pop. popular(ly)
Pop. popular
Porc. porcelain
Port. Portuguese
poss. possessive
poss. possible, possibly
Posth. posthumous(ly)
Postm. postmaster
Pott. pottery
ppl. participial
ppl. a. participial adjective
ppl. adj. participial adjective
ppl. adjs. participial adjectives
pple. participle
pples. participles
P. R. public records
pr. present
Pract. practical
Pract. practice
prec. preceding
pred. predicate
predic. predicate, predicative(ly)
Predict. prediction
pref. prefix
Pref. preface
Preh. prehistoric
Prehist. prehistory, prehistoric
prep. preposition(al)
Prerog. prerogative
pres. present
Pres. present
Presb. Presbyterian
Presb. presbytery
Preserv. preservation
pres. pple. present participle
Prim. primer(s)
Princ. principle(s)
Print. printing
priv. privative
prob. probably
Probab. probability, probabilities
Probl. problem
Proc. proceedings
Prod. product(s)
Prol. prologue
pron. pronoun
pron. pronunciation
pronunc. pronunciation
Pronunc. pronunciation
prop. properly
Prop. property, properties
propr. proprietary
Pros. prosody
prov. proverb(ial)(ly)
Prov. proverb
Prov. (in the Bible) Proverbs
Provid. providence(s)
Provinc. provincial
Provis. provisional
pr. pple. present participle
Ps. (in the Bible) Psalms
pseudo-arch. pseudo-archaic
pseudo-dial. pseudo-dialect
pseudo-Sc. pseudo-Scots
Psych. psychology
Psychoanal. psychoanalysis
Psychoanalyt. psychoanalytic
Psychol. psychology, psychologic(al)
Psychopathol. psychopathology, psychopathologic(al)
Pt. part
Publ. public
Publ. publication
Purg. purgatory
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Q. quarterly
Q. queen
Q. Eliz. Queen Elizabeth
Qld. Queensland
Quantum Mech. quantum mechanics
Queen’s Bench Div. Queen’s Bench Division
quot. quotation
quots. quotations
q.v. quod vide, ‘which see’
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R. royal
Radiol. radiology
R.A.F. Royal Air Force
R.C. Roman Catholic(ism)
R.C. Church Roman Catholic Church
Reas. reason(s)
Reb. rebellion
Rebell. rebellion
Rec. record(s)
Reclam. reclamation
Recoll. recollection
Redempt. redemption
redupl. reduplicating
Ref. reference
Ref. reformation
refash. refashioned, refashioning
refl. reflexive
Refl. reflection(s)
Refus. refusal
Refut. refutation
reg. regular
Reg. register
Regic. regicide
Regist. register
Regr. register
rel. related
rel. relative
Rel. relating
Relig. religion, religious
Reminisc. reminiscence(s)
Remonstr. remonstrance
Renfrewsh. Renfrewshire
Rep. report
repr. representative, representing
Reprod. reproduction, reproductive
Rept. report
Repub. republic
Res. research
Resid. residence, residential
Ret. return
Retrosp. retrospective
Rev. review
Rev. revised
Rev. (in the Bible) Revelation
Revol. revolution
Rhet. rhetoric
rhet. rhetorical(ly)
Rhode Isl. Rhode Island
Rich. Richard
R.N. Royal Navy
Rom. Roman
Rom. (in the Bible) Romans
Rom. Antiq. Roman antiquities
Ross-sh. Ross-shire
Roxb. Roxburgh
Roy. royal
Rudim. rudiment(s)
Russ. Russia, Russian
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s. south
S. south, southern
S. Afr. South Africa(n)
Sam. (in the Bible) Samuel
Sask. Saskatchewan
Sat. Saturday
Sax. Saxon
sc. scilicet, ‘understand’ or ‘supply’
Sc. Scottish, Scots
Scand. Scandinavia, Scandinavian
S. Carolina South Carolina
Sch. school
Sci. science(s), scientific
Scot. Scottish
Scotl. Scotland
Script. scripture
Sculpt. sculpture
S. Dakota South Dakota
s.e. south-eastern (dialect)
S.E. south-east, south-eastern
Seismol. seismology
Sel. selected
Sel. comm. select committee
Select. selection
Sept. September
Ser. series
Serm. sermon(s)
Sess. session
Settlem. settlement
Sev. several
Shakes. Shakespeare
Shaks. Shakespeare
Sheph. shepherd
Shetl. Shetland
Shropsh. Shropshire
sing. singular
Soc. society
Sociol. sociology, sociological
Som. Somerset
Song of Sol. (in the Bible) Song of Solomon
Song Sol. (in the Bible) Song of Solomon
Sonn. sonnet
south. southern (dialect)
sp. spelling
Span. Spanish
spec. specifically
Spec. special
Spec. specimen(s)
Specif. specification(s)
Specim. specimen(s)
Spectrosc. spectroscopy
SS. saints
St. Saint
St. street
Staff. Staffordshire
Stafford. Staffordshire
Staffordsh. Staffordshire
Staffs. Staffordshire
Stand. standard
Stat. statistical
Statist. statistical
Stock Exch. stock exchange
str. strong
Stratigr. stratigraphy, stratigraphical
Struct. structure, structural
S.T.S. Scottish Text Society
Stud. studies
subj. subject
subj. subjunctive
Subj. subject(s)
subjunct. subjunctive
subord. subordinate
subord. cl. subordinate clause
Subscr. subscription
Subscript. subscription
subseq. subsequent(ly)
subst. substantive(ly)
suff. suffix
Suff. Suffolk
superl. superlative
Suppl. supplement, supplementary
Supplic. supplication(s)
Suppress. suppression
Surg. surgery, surgical
Surv. survey, surveying
Sus. (in the Apocrypha) Susanna
s.v. sub verbo, ‘under the word’
s.w. south-western (dialect)
S.W. south-west, south-western
syll. syllable
Symmetr. symmetrical
Symp. symposium
Syst. system
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t. tense
Taxon. taxonomy, taxonomic
techn. technical
Techn. technical
Technol. technology, technological
Tel. telegraph
Telecomm. telecommunications
Telegr. telegraph
Telegr. telegraphy, telegraphic(al)
Teleph. telephony, telephonic
Teratol. teratology
Terminol. terminology, terminological
Terrestr. terrestrial
Test. testament
Textbk. textbook
Theat. theatre, theatrical
Theatr. theatre, theatrical
Theol. theology, theological
Theoret. theoretical
Thermonucl. thermonuclear
Thes. thesaurus
Thess. (in the Bible) Thessalonians
Tim. (in the Bible) Timothy
Tit. (in the Bible) Titus
Topogr. topography, topographic(al)
tr. translation, translating
Trad. tradition, traditional
Trag. tragedy
trans. transitive
Trans. transaction(s)
transf. transferred sense
transl. translation, translating
Transl. translation
Transubstant. transubstantiation
Trav. travel(s)
Treas. treasurer, treasury
Treat. treatise
Treatm. treatment
Trib. tribune
Trig. trigonometry
Trigonom. trigonometry
Trop. tropical
Troub. troublesome
Troubl. troublesome
Typog. typography
Typogr. typography
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U.K. United Kingdom
ult. ultimately
Univ. university
unkn. unknown
Unnat. unnatural
Unoffic. unofficial
unstr. unstressed
Urin. urinary
U.S. United States
U.S.A.F. United States Air Force
U.S.S.R. Union of Soviet Socialist Republics
usu. usually
Utilit. utilitarian
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v. verb
Va. Virginia
Vac. vacation
Valedict. valediction
var. variant
varr. variants
vars. variants
vb. verb
vbl. verbal
vbl.n. verbal noun
vbl. ns. verbal nouns
vbs. verbs
Veg. vegetable
Veg. Phys. vegetable physiology
Veg. Physiol. vegetable physiology
Venet. Venetian
Vertebr. vertebrate
Vet. veterinary, veterinary science
Vet. Med. veterinary medicine
Vet. Path. veterinary pathology
Vet. Sci. veterinary science
Vet. Surg. veterinary surgery
Vic. Victoria
Vict. Victoria
Vind. vindication, vindicated
Vindic. vindication, vindicated
Virg. virgin(s)
Virol. virology
viz. videlicet, ‘namely’
Voc. vocabulary
Vocab. vocabulary
Vol. volume
Vols. volumes
Voy. voyage(s)
vulg. vulgar(ly)
Vulg. vulgar
Vulg. Vulgate
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w. west
W. west, western
W. Afr. West Africa(n)
Warwicksh. Warwickshire
wd. word
Wd. word
west. western
Westm. Westminster
Westmld. Westmoreland
Westmorld. Westmoreland
Westmrld. Westmoreland
Will. William
Wilts. Wiltshire
Wiltsh. Wiltshire
W. Ind. West Indies, West Indian
W. Indies West Indies
Wis. Wisconsin
Wisd. wisdom
Wisd. (in the Apocrypha) Wisdom of Solomon
wk. weak
Wk. week
Wk. work
Wkly. weekly
Wks. works
Wonderf. wonderful
Worc. Worcestershire
Worcestersh. Worcestershire
Worcs. Worcestershire
Writ. writing(s)
W. Va. West Virginia
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Yearbk. yearbook
Yng. young
Yorks. Yorkshire
Yorksh. Yorkshire
Yr. year
Yrs. years
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Zech. (in the Bible) Zechariah
Zeitschr. Zeitschrift
Zeph. (in the Bible) Zephaniah
Zoogeogr. zoogeography
Zool. zoology, zoological